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Archive for September, 2013

The Shorestone Experience Sep, 26 2013 Posted by : admin

Recently, we moved into a new house built by Shorestone Homes at their Village Heights location in the Upper Mission, the Ponds, area of Kelowna. This experience was an excellent example of well-thought out designs to choose from and a sales and construction staff of exceptional ability and good character.

The various designs all start with a base price which include features desirable to produce a high quality product and which are “upgradable” with lots of optional and sensible... ....

Building Dreams Together Sep, 25 2013 Posted by : admin

“Shorestone Homes made our dreams of owning a high quality custom builder home in the Upper Mission a reality, with an aggressive price point, high quality materials, and highly experienced trades people. My family and I could not be happier living at Village Heights and everybody should take advantage of these low prices and even more beautiful homes while there are still some left.

Lot 24 Homeowner


Client Care by Shorestone Homes Sep, 20 2013 Posted by : admin

“I was very pleased by the way that Shorestone Homes Ltd. handled my client after my introduction of him to their great project in the Upper Mission. They took over the details once the buyer decided on a home and were quick and friendly on paying out the commissions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend bringing Buyers to Shorestone!!”

–          Lance Marshall, Re/Max