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The Shorestone Experience Sep, 26 2013 Posted by : admin

Recently, we moved into a new house built by Shorestone Homes at their Village Heights location in the Upper Mission, the Ponds, area of Kelowna. This experience was an excellent example of well-thought out designs to choose from and a sales and construction staff of exceptional ability and good character.

The various designs all start with a base price which include features desirable to produce a high quality product and which are “upgradable” with lots of optional and sensible features at a very reasonable cost. Each home upgrade feature chosen and their costs are noted in an easy to use database and can be paid for on an “as-you-go” basis or can be included in the final total process. Because of this process, a buyer can easily keep track of costs and will not be subject to a nasty surprise at time of completion.

A desirable feature of all sales is one which allowed us to commit to buying from Shorestone, namely the purchase deposit requirement which was most attractive and affordable. Financing arrangements are also offered.

From the moment we inked the purchase agreement, building progress was measured weekly and a report was emailed to us with photos. In fact, building completion was achieved earlier than predicted and the house was delivered clean, dust-free, with all features in place and working as intended. Quality of fit and finish throughout was excellent.

All in all, buying our home from Shorestone was a very positive experience and we are pleased to note that those of Shorestone Homes whom we dealt with are now our friends and when visited, the coffee is always ready and hot.

Mike, Rob, and Max

Homeowners of a Shorestone-built home

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