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Shorestone Homes is a Proud Participant in Global Citizen Week in Kelowna Feb, 24 2014 Posted by : admin

This week is Global Citizen Week in Kelowna and Shorestone Homes is proud to sponsor Okello Sam’s keynote speech tonight (Feb. 24) at Trinity Baptist Church at 7pm. Who knew we do more than build new homes in Upper Mission?!

Shorestone Homes is a proud partner of the charity that Okello Sam founded, Hope North Uganda. From The Daily Courier’s article “Former Child Soldier Fights For Education“: “Sam established Hope North in an area where the rebellion would not reach the orphans and former child soldiers under his care. Hope North is an accredited secondary school located on a 40-acre campus with an international arts centre, vocational training and a working farm, and is staffed by 26 dedicated Ugandan educators.”

As a former child soldier, Sam believes education is the key to stopping the cycle of violence in so many African nations; he says that “the challenge of Africa is literacy. People need a quality education. That will enable them to transform their communities, their country. I take education seriously because most of the wars in Africa come from manipulation, and if people have knowledge it will be harder to manipulate them.”

Sam said there are many organizations Canadians can support to help provide that much-needed education.

Shorestone Homes supports both Hope North Uganda and Niteo Africa, two African organizations that are working toward caring for and educating the lost children of Africa.

Tickets to hear Okello Sam’s keynote speech tonight are available online at Global Citizen Kelowna.

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